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Cataclysm Baby, Matt Bell.

I did a short review on GoodReads of Matt’s latest, and besides, so many people have already said wiser things about it than me.

“Bibliophilia”, Michael Griffith

Up there among the funniest and most erudite writers I know.

My Bright Midnight, Josh Russell

Short novel? Novella? Just goddamned good writing? I reviewed this for The Collagist.

The War of the Crazies, John Oliver Hodges.

Unlike anything you will read. Another amazing offering from Main Street Rag.

That Night, Alice McDermott

Fascinating and focused–made into a movie too.

Enchanted Night, Stephen Millhauser

Nobody but me knows how much I have stolen from this spellbinder.

Sula, Toni Morrison

My favorite of Chloe’s work: last line like no other

House on Mango Street, Sandra Cisneros

Should be old news by now but still as fresh on the page as I recalled the first time I read it.

Seize the Day, Saul Bellow

Wasn’t thinking about this book when I wrote The Mimic’s Own Voice as a model in terms of style or voice, but was thinking, If you’re writing a novella, this sonofabitch might be the yardstick by which its measured.

The Bear, William Faulkner

Like I should say anythign about this one.


  1. Thanks so much, Tom!

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