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Barrelhouse and Hobart and Barrelhouse again

In Uncategorized on May 25, 2012 at 2:07 pm

I’ve been a bad or indifferent blogger of late. And that sucks because I’ve got a few things to share with my peers here, so check them out.

First, I was lucky enough to be asked by the editors of Barrelhouse to guest-edit an online issue. Here are the stunning results:

And once you’ve read the work by the Misses Ling, Gaudry and Axelrod, along with that by Messrs Tanzer, Seibles and Garcia please go and find more: they’ve all got plenty to enthrall you.

Next, a while ago, John Warner, author of the indeliby wonderful novel The Funny Man, and I conducted an email interview for Aaron Burch. I know for a fact that I like the interview, as doesJohn, as does Aaron. If you like fellows who wax windy on matters cultural and comic, then John and I are indeed your kind of dude. It’s here:

Last, Tom McAllister invited me to participate in a discussion about the first book publishing experience. Tom’s is way better than mine, and it’s here: And if you want to see mine, it’s here, along with responses from Dave Housley and Caitlin Horrocks.