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Talking With Tim

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Here’s a link to another interview:

It occurs to me that with as many interviews I’ve done, everybody’s heard plenty on the subject of me and this little book, yet as the reviews I’ve seen all seem to point to different angles, so too do the interviews. Some especially good questions from Tim O’Shea. The answers? They’re okay.


Almost forgot: find within a sneak preview of a conversation between me and John Warner, author of the incredible novel, The Funny Man.


A review at Pank’s Blog and Dogzilla

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The above image is of Dogzilla, a hot dog I ate in Chicago with Mike Czyzniejewski and Barry Graham by my side. It weighed over a pound. It required a fork. Fortunately, unlike my companions, I have no beard, so my cleanup only required two blasts from a firehose.

In other, more literary matters, The Mimic’s Own Voice fetches more kind words, this time from David Atkinson, who in his non-writing time is a patent attorney, a vocation practiced expertly¬†by my uncle, David Tellekson. It is reported too that Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes, modeled Calvin’s father after his own and the senior Watterson too was a patent attorney. What all this means, I don’t know, but I would love to become a writer read enthusiastically by an audience of patent attorneys and hotdog lovers everywhere.

And to be reviewed at Pank!

What an honor!

Alissa Nutting Says, “Hilarious and engaging.”

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Okay, so I work for ABR, so it could be said that a review of my book there is unlikely to possess anything but praise. But in my seven or so minutes of conversation with Alissa Nutting at AWP, I found her to own an unimpeachable integrity. Rectitude, too. She’d only ever speak the truth.

In all seriousness, she’s a terrific writer herself, Alissa, as can be witnessed in the review:¬†(Sorry, no link–you gotta buy a copy)

And in her own work:

What’s more, I am so pleased to know that readers have found in The Mimic’s Own Voice as much as they have. No review sounds the same; each reviewer seems to hone in on a different aspect of it. In an odd way, I feel a little bit like Douglas Myles’s might have, wondering just what it was I’d done to generate so much genuine interest.

But then again, Douglas and I are nothing alike. Serious.

Apres AWP

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I’ll get the negative out first: I lost some very cool RayBans.

Other than that, this AWP was one of my favorites, as I was able to spend time with old friends, make new ones, and read and yak and holler until I was hoarse.

Higlights? In no particular order:

  1. An insanely large hot dog called Dogzilla. One pound with all the Chicago requisites: onion, pickle, relish, tomato, mustard, celery salt. Needed a fork. Led to the hot dog stand, Byron’s, by Mike Czyzniejewski and further accompanied by Barry Graham.
  2. Rooming with Alan Heathcock, who in addition to being a writer of astonishing courage and inestimable grace, as well as sartorially splendid from the top of his hat to the soles of his Stacey Adamses, is a dude I could talk to for hours and never tire.
  3. Meeting briefly, Jim Greer, xtx, Alissa Nutting, Jacob Knapp, Victor David Giron, Kevin Sampsell.
  4. Meeting and hanging out with Jesus Angel Garcia, BL Pawelek, Gabe Blackwell, Matty Byloos and Rae Bryant.
  5. Hanging out with Ryan Bradley, David McNamara, Amber Sparks and Ben Tanzer (wednesday)
  6. Hanging out with Jensen Beach, Brian Allen Carr, Gabe Durham, Eric Miles Williamson, Joe Haske (Thursday)
  7. Hanging out with the Barrelhouse crew: Joe K, Tom M, and Dave H. (every night)
  8. Reading at Brando’s Speakeasy, where I learned later an obnoxious drunk, who more or less heckled every reader that night, told Dave Housley that I was “pretty good.”
  9. Reading with Phong Nguyen, Debra Brenegan, Amina Gautier, Christine Sneed and William Giraldi at the Book Cellar.
  10. Dinner prior to said reading with William Giraldi, with whom I’ve been having a conversation about literature, life, and, of late, fatherhood, since about 2004.

I was supposed to see a lot more people and didn’t. So sorry, Caleb, Heidi, Matt, Michael and more.

I saw and only spoke briefly to a number of others, to all of whom I said “I’m sure I’ll run into you later”: Rhett, Ann, Brock, Keith, Tim, Cary, Jo, John B and John M. Next year, I promise!

But in all, this was a wonderful time. The weather was more than fine, the company exceptional, the food wonderful and the atmosphere alive.

And what’s more, I get to come home to Carmen and Finn, whose embrace and welcome I can never get enough of.

Boston–2013: Already I need to start thinking about some topics for panel proposals. Until.