Tom Williams

Ben Tanzer Issue of Dogzplot

In Uncategorized on February 20, 2012 at 2:50 am

I’m so happy to have a small fiction in this issue of Mr. Barry Graham’s online concern. I get to virtually hang with some of my peeps–the aforementioned Mr. Graham, editor/writer nonpareil Dave Housley, the indefatigable Ryan Bradley–and “meet” some new ones: David Tomaloff and BL Pawelek. And I get to honor/gently send up the eponymous Mr. Tanzer and his prolificacy.

I swear, the more I do this internet thing, the less isolated I feel as a writer and a human being. Yes, I could do without my high school friends posting about Obama’s socialism and all the spam about my credit rating and certain body parts but in the short time I have been given over to blog, update my status, and occasionally publish fiction and reviews online, I have generated bonds with excellent writers and friends. Witness Messrs. Graham and Tanzer, whom I will never be able to thank enough for joining me on the stage of Coffee Tree Books in Morehead, Kentucky.

So hustle on over to dogzplot and check out some of the ruckus.


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