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Interview with Brian Allen Carr

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Through the miracles of technology, Brian and I conducted this interview from our respective corners of the Lone Star State. I was very excited to participate, one because I am an attention craver and love to talk about myself; two, because I love what Dark Sky is doing with its blog, mag and press; three, because it was a chance to start getting to know better Mr. Carr, who is an astonishingly, frighteningly good writer himself, and who took his time to craft some excellent questions and made this interview pretty good to look at. Why I appear on the video to be responding to tough questions in a deposition remains an issue. Check it out at:


The reviews are in

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Here are some links to reviews of The Mimic’s Own Voice that have appeared:

The Mimic’s Own Voice

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The Mimic’s Own Voice was published by Main Street Rag Publishing Company in April 2011. I’m endebted to M. Scott Douglass and Craig Renfroe for bringing it out into the world. I’m also thankful to George Singleton, Steve Yarbrough and Charles Johnson for blurbing it.

If you want to check out for yourself a book that poet Tim Seibles said “was worthy of a cult following,” go to

There, you’ll find a synopsis, an excerpt, and oh yeah a link to buy it. And trust me, MSR offers the best deal you can find.


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Hi, I’m Tom Williams, author of the novella The Mimic’s Own Voice. I know I’m late to the blogging party by a decade or so but hope to use this to stay in touch with readers and writers from all over.

I’ll be making progress by fits and starts here, as I tentatively find a place for me and my fiction online.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who finds her or his way here.